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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Not really a castle and another cathedral

Yesterday, we were in Sundbyholm, where there is supposed to be a 'slott', which we would translate to 'castle'. It turned out to be - as many 'slotts' are, more of a manor house, in this case transformed into an expensive restaurant (think a main course to cover our groceries shopping for three or four days). But it was quite pretty, the harbour was pleasant (good ice creams like in most Swedish places) and we had a short nature walk.

Today we continued to Strängnäs. Somewhat to our surprise, we found another cathedral, relatively close to the previous one in Västerås. It was also started in the 11th century and - unlike most churches - does not appear to ever have been destroyed by fire.

Frescoes still intact!

The weather has turned a bit cooler and less stable with quite a few showers today. And for the first time in weeks we are wearing long trousers instead of shorts. But overall everything is still very agreeable!


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