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Friday, July 15, 2016

A harbour on the ferry route

This morning we woke up before 5AM to do a final check of the weather forecast. All was as expected, so we were out of our mooring just after 5, basically at first light. We still needed the navigation lights on!

The trip over the Sea of Åland was uneventful, we had a few ferries and some other shipping to cope with, but with the AIS it's so much easier to judge and anticipate what the big ships are going to do.

After 4 hours we entered the Swedish archipelago and put the clocks back by an hour.

We are now in the harbour of Furosund, which right on the fairway of the ferry lines from Stockholm to any destination north.
The fairway here is very narrow and the ferries (which are basically cruise liners) go very slow. But you have to be very careful: they won't give way at all as there are rocks on both sides. We waited for this one to come through a particularly narrow gap:

And now in the harbour, this is what we see:

We really enjoyed our short time on the Åland Islands, in a later post I'll tell a bit more about why we like it so much.


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