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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Back in Mariehamn

Just a quick update, without pictures.

From Sottunga we returned to Kastelholm yesterday and then to Mariehamn today.
Although we would like love to spend at least another week here on the Åland Islands, we need to get back to Sweden for reasons I won't dwell on at the moment. Add to this the fact that the weather is rather unsettled, and we will take the next weather gap to do the 32 miles back. Not a big distance and not difficult either, but as it is open sea we are always extra cautious.
That gap might be tomorrow, we'll get up early to do our checks. Otherwise it looks like Tuesday, which is not a problem either. Mariehamn is a nice and friendly small town. The marina is lively, packed full this week and next as it is now the peak of the season.

Location:Havsgatan,Mariehamn,Åland Islands

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