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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Saltsjöbaden for Stockholm

We are in Saltsjöbaden, which is sort of a suburb of Stockholm.
There is a very good connection to the city itself from here, usually it's a train but as the track is being renovated this summer, it is served by a bus. We were wondering why the renovation would be done in summer, but then concluded that it would be tricky with snow on the ground!

We took the bus yesterday, firstly because we needed a chart set for the northern Stockholm skärgård and an Åland harbour guide but also because we think Stockholm is very special and we wanted to take a walk around the Gamla Stan (old town).

The narrowest street in Stockholm.

The Royal Palace

We were successful with our purchases and even found an Åland courtesy flag (although Åland is part of Finland, it is semi-autonomous and has its own flag).

On the way back to the bus stop, we saw a lot of activity with racing yachts. When we got back to Saltsjöbaden, our Finnish neighbor told us that tomorrow is the start of the 'Runt Gotland' race which explains the excitement at the Stockholm waterfront.

Today we'll meet up with a friend of ours. Probably move on tomorrow.

Location:Torben Gruts väg,Saltsjobaden,Sweden

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