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Sunday, July 17, 2016

A trumpet concerto in Paradiset

For a second night, we are at anchor in 'Paradiset ', a bay between a few islands that together are called Finnhamn, as here the ships on their way to Finland would shelter from adverse winds.

Paradiset is quite an appropriate name, it really is very nice and therefore also very popular. Last night, on a Saturday evening in peak season, we counted almost 80 boats in the bay. Forty of those tied to the wooden staging that has been built on the rocks, now even with power points, really like a 'Gästhamn '. And the remainder tied with their bows to a rock and a stern anchor out, or just swinging behind the main anchor like us.

This morning we took the dinghy ashore and went for a walk along one of the nature trails. Suddenly we came to the water and guess what we saw:

That's Onbekommerd at anchor, without us on board!

This evening, we are being treated to a trumpet concerto: one of the boats on shore sports a trumpet player who is entertaining us.

And on another rock, a family is having their evening meal:

It's a nice day in "Paradiset"!


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