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Friday, July 8, 2016

A bridge and a castle

After spending an extra day in Mariehamn to wait for the wind to drop, we continued into the Åland skärgård today. Many of the islands are connected by bridges and we passed two today. That's quite unusual these days! The first one was a fixed one and we would have been able to pass under the second one as well with our mast down but as we arrived on the hour, when it opens to let the yachts through, we joined the crowd:

We had not expected that there would be two way traffic, but there you are...

We continued to Kastelholm, and on the way we got some water over the deck. That has not happened in weeks! Although the salt content of the water here is less than one fifth of the North Sea, we still have salt stains on the boat now. 🙄

At Kastelholm, one finds the oldest castle in Åland, it is 14th century and although it was burned down several times, a lot of it was preserved or otherwise restored.

The guest harbour here is very scenic and there is a very nice atmosphere.

We lit the Cobb and had a nice meal and I even had a sauna, that's what the Finns do. There is one in every guest harbour and the use of it is included in the harbour fee. It was 70 degrees and very humid, but I quite enjoyed it!


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