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Monday, July 25, 2016

A cove and a small harbour

Yesterday, Sandhamn was our destination. This is an island in the 'outer skärgård', the last few islands before the open sea. And it is also one of the harbours of the KSSS, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club. The island is very popular with tourists and quite a few ferries disgorge loads of day trippers there. We expected it to be busy so planned to be there early, before noon. But the youngster in the RIB who met us, told us that there were about 20 other boats waiting for a mooring and that it could take a few hours before we would be tied up. But there is a 'secondary' harbour, mainly for smaller boats, where there would be space. So we went through a very narrow 'sund' to find a delightful little cove, very well protected and free from hordes of tourists walking past. Much better than the official harbour. It was on a small island, with a ferry taking you to the 'mainland' (which of course is an island itself....).

Today we continued to Möja. On this island there are a few harbours, but they are all extremely small! The first one, Kirkviken, was already full before noon and at the second one, Löka, we took the last place (out of six). We had a nice Cobb on the rocks here, overlooking the fairway.

Location:Möja Löka by,Värmdö,Sweden

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