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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Has the season finally started? In paradise!

After a very pleasant day with our Swedish /South African friend Birgitta yesterday, we left Saltsjöbaden and travelled north. For the first time, we had to really look out for other boats: there were plenty of yachts tacking into wind going south and also lots of little 'mosquitos ', small fast motorboats of which you have no idea where they are going. It appears that, as expected, the peak season has started.
After almost 30 miles, we entered the bay at Finnhamn, recommended by our Finnish neighbours in Saltsjöbaden. The bay is actually called 'Paradiset' and with some reason. Very well protected from all winds, easy to get into. And with nice jetties (staging) to tie onto using a stern anchor. It is not full here, but there are quite a few boats next to us with families, barbecueing on the rocks. Nice atmosphere.

The island here is quite 'sophisticated', there are gravel roads, a small shop, a ferry landing and a hostel. We saw the 'steam' ferry arrive when we went for a walk:

Our plan is to leave very early tomorrow morning, finish the skärgård route north and if the wind is as kind as it is forecasted to be, cross to Mariehamn, the main town of the Åland Islands. The 'crossing' is 30 miles, but in total we expect to cover 55 miles tomorrow.
And as we enter another country (Åland is a semi-autonomous part of Finland), our internet probably will need a new SIM card. So no panic if there is no post tomorrow!


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