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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The least populous EU municipality

Today took us to Sottunga, just 9 miles from Seglinge. We had considered to go a bit further, but the wind picked up and the 13 miles to the next place were a bit unprotected. Sottunga, by the way, is the least populous municipality in the EU with 101 inhabitants (in 2014).

In these small harbours, you need to be early to get a spot so we were not sorry to have tied up around noon, just as a few visitors from the previous night were leaving.
Next to us are three boats of the same Finnish family (90% of the boats we see are Finnish now, there is the odd Swede, a rare German and we are the only Dutch we ever see). Two of the family, couples with small children arrived first, the grandparents came a bit later and (literally) squeezed in between so that the grandchildren could step on board from both sides. How nice to be able to do this as a family! We see lots of small kids on boats here, very independent, always wearing life jackets and usually busy with a fishing net, that seems to be a universal pastime!

There is an interesting 17th century church here, with a typical separate bell tower.
And we borrowed bicycles to check out the shop, which was as limited as the one in Seglinge. One better comes well provisioned to these islands. The smoked herring one can buy at the harbour is delicious though!

Here are some pictures:

Little fisher girl.

Sottunga church

And Sottunga bell tower

The church is still actively used.

Smoked herring


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