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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Öja - Landsort

We are now on an island called Öja probably better known for the village on it, which is called Landsort.
It is the southernmost island of the Stockholm archipelago (skärgård), and - like so many places here - has an interesting history.
Landsort was the oldest pilot station in Sweden, in 1535 king Gustav Vasa instituted pilots here to 'guide Crown Vessels'. A lighthouse was built in 1651, the present lighthouse dates from 1678, built with stone walls a metre thick.
The area around the lighthouse was a military area from the 1930's until after the Cold War in the 1990's. It is now open to the public and many of the fortifications are still there.
The lighthouse was automated in 1963 and the pilot station moved away in 1989. The traffic control, working from the pilot station tower were moved to the shore in 1999 and now the village only counts 20 permanent inhabitants and a lot of summer houses.
There are three harbours, the Osterhamn and the Vestrahamn are in the village and a ferry calls a few times per day in one of them, depending on the wind direction as both are very exposed to onshore winds. The Nordhamn, about 3.5 Km north of the village is the guest harbour and that is where we are now. We walked to the village and the lighthouse, it's a very nice and picturesque place.
When we arrived just before noon, there was actually a harbour master who collected 100 SEK. The normal price appears to be 250 SEK but as the facilities (showers and toilets) are still closed, we don't pay the full price. Until around 7:30, when we were having our supper, we were the only boat and then another one arrived. The harbour master has long gone....

Here are a few impressions.


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