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Monday, May 22, 2017

Iron and Lithium

Here, on Üto, iron was already mined in the 12th century. The last iron mine closed in 1876, which means that iron was extracted for over 700 years. That's a long time and the traces are still very clear. Not only are the old pits still visible:

, there are still many buildings reminding us of those times, old miners cottages as well as the mine manager's house :

Another interesting fact is that the mineral 'petalite' was discovered here in 1800. In 1817, it was found that petalite contained a new element, Lithium (from the Greek 'lithos', stone, an element found in stone). Lithium is quite important these days, we all carry it around in the batteries of our mobile phones!

These days Utö is a very popular tourist destination, although the tourist season has not really started yet. The whole 'move of seasons' here is quite different from further South, say Holland or England. It's 22 May and the daffodils are still in full flower:

The approach to the guest harbour can be seen quite nicely from the lawn of the former mine manager 's house (now a conference centre):

Finally, we are made to feel quite at home by the presence of this Dutch windmill:


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