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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Going North

The last two days we have moved North quite quickly. After Stockholm we first stopped at Finnhamn, a nice bay where we have stopped a few times before. It is also called 'Paradiset' for obvious reasons. As it is Ascension day weekend, it was relatively busy after a few very quiet places.

The next stop was Arholma (we are still there, it is now the morning of the 27th but the internet was not good enough last night to do a post).
This is the Northernmost island of the Stockholm skärgård. It was a farming and fishing community from the late 1700's and there is an old 'beacon' (like a lighthouse without a light) from those days. The fishermen and farmers traded their goods and their fleet anchored in a very protected bay where we are now tied up to a jetty.

Later this morning, we plan to do the almost 29 mile crossing of the Sea of Åland to Mariehamn.

We have some nice pictures, but the internet signal is too weak to post them.
Tonight and tomorrow we rely on the WiFi in the harbour in Mariehamn for Internet. On Monday we will buy an Åland SIM card. As Åland is not Swedish, our local card does not work there.

Late edit:

We now are at Mariehamn after a good crossing in a slightly bumpy sea.
I have inserted the pictures!


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