This is "Onbekommerd"!

Thursday, May 18, 2017


I had just come out of the shower this morning when Lyn called: "forget about breakfast, they are here to take the boat!"
Our room in the guesthouse was in the same building as the boat and actually right above it. So we ran down, and indeed the 'boat car' was there:

It did not take long at all to pick up all 10 tonnes of Onbekommerd and soon she was on her way out of the shed and down the hill towards the launching ramp:

By 9am we were going into the water:

And we put the flag back on:

The motor started immediately and we moved to an alongside place where we could fill the water tank and get the boat ready for our normal day-to-day living.

Lyn took her first sunset picture too:

It currently is nice and sunny and is predicted to stay like this for a while. As the water is still cold, the wind coming of the sea also still has a 'bite' to it, but overall it's very pleasant.

Tomorrow is our first trip, towards Nyköping to have a Dutch gas bottle filled and do a bit more provisioning.


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