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Friday, May 19, 2017


After leaving Nävekvarn at 8:30 it was a pleasant first trip of the season to Nyköping where we arrived at midday. We chose Nyköping mainly because there is a place here where you can have Dutch gas bottles filled and because it is better for provisioning than Nävekvarn.
But actually, Nyköping is a nice and interesting town in its own right.
It is one of Sweden's oldest towns, founded 800 years ago. The first Swedish parliament was held here in 1285. And the King, Birger Jarl, organised a banquet for his brothers in 1317. At the end of the dinner, he imprisoned his brothers and threw the key into the local river. The river is still there and the castle, which was destroyed the following year, was rebuilt in the 13th century as 'Nyköpings Hus", which is still there.

The 'Hamnkontor' does not quite date from that time, but it is quite an attractive old building, we are tied up opposite it:

And yes, apart from filling the gas bottle, we did a lot of shopping too. We borrowed a trolley from the Hemmköp to take it all to the boat. Fridge, cupboards and bilge are full now!

Location:Västra Skeppsbron,Nyköping,Sweden

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