This is "Onbekommerd"!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Not long now!

Maybe some of our regular readers have been wondering why there is nothing reported yet.
That's a reasonable question. The answer is mainly that Onbekommerd is in Nävekvarn, which is quite far North and the boating season starts quite a bit later there than in Friesland, where we usually set out from. It s still cold there!

But this will soon be changing: on 16 May, we travel via Stockholm and Nyköping back to Swede part Marina in Nävekvarn. On the 18th, we will return Onbekommerd to her element.

The general plan is to first go North, via Stockholm and its 'skärgård' (archipelago) to the Åland islands. Then back Soth again, via the Swedish East and South coasts towards Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands where we hope to arrive sometime late August or early September.

I hope to send off the first 'real' post on the 18th.

See you then!


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