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Monday, July 20, 2015

Västervik for a week

After 6 nights either anchored or tied to a small jetty on our stern anchor, we are now in a 'real' harbour, the 'Notviken' club harbour in Västervik.

First a few pictures of the last few days:


In "Flissfjärden, on Harstena, most people are tied to a rock with their stern anchor out. We had 'swing anchored': behind the main (front) anchor. 

A heron stalking a fish on Bökö 

This is sort of a famous place as it is mentioned in the pilot book. A model ship in the window of a house on Jungfuskär, an island that you pass very close to. There are two windows with models. 

With all these islands and buoys and lights, it is sometimes difficult to know where you are when you look away from the chart for a minute. Lyn made 'sticky arrows' to help us!

 We continue to be fascinated by the rock formations we pass.

Last night we returned to the jetty where we first 'stern anchored' a few weeks ago. Still beautiful and peaceful! 

After these few weeks, we really have come to appreciate the life the Swedish yachtsmen live: only go into a harbour for provisions and water and to get rid of the rubbish. But otherwise stay 'in the wild'. We need to get ourselves organised a bit better (a more robust stern anchor, a dinghy where the water does not leak in through the bottom) and then we can (next year) enjoy it to the full!

On Thursday we will leave Onbekommerd here in Västervik and fly to the Netherlands for three days for a family gathering to celebrate the 150th 'birthday' of my great grandfather after whose 'motto' Onbekommerd was named. There will be 6 cousins and three partners, we can't remember the last time the six of us were together but it certainly is more than 40 years! So until next week, there may be a post or two, but no regular updates!

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