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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Harstena pictures

We have decided to take the opportunity to enjoy Harstena for another day.

Here are the pictures I promised yesterday:
A nice areal view of the Lindsundet and Harstena harbour

The two above speak for themselves. On the top one you can see that the 'Lindsundet' is quite narrow!' 

The ferry is leaving! 

One of the rare 'red waterlillies' 

Not a sculpture, a treetrunk!

Our neighbours had their dinner delivered to the boat! 

And then the sun disappeared...

This morning we walked to a bay nearby where a lot of boats are tied to the rocks / trees.

The current plan is to leave at 9am tomorrow for the 3 and a half hour trip to Stegeborg. There is a castle ruin at Stegeborg. In the 1500's, the inhabitants of Harstena had to pay taxes to Stegeborg castle. The first recorded entry (the taxes payable by one Ragnvald) was: 64 kilos of seal blubber (fat), 40 perch (fish) and 10 sea fowl eggs or one sea fowl.

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