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Friday, July 10, 2015

Valdemarsvik - Fyrudden pictures

This morning, I discovered that there is a reasonably quick WiFi network in this small harbour, so here are some pictures of yesterday's trip plus of our current position:

Looking Southwest down the 'Valdemarsvikken' fjord. 

A very nice Swedish summer house with its outbuildings. Most of them have a boat house! 

 We are not geologists, but we are always intrigued by the rock strata you see on the islands on the way. It is clear how the glaciers pushed the rocks over during the ice ages!

 This 'terrace effect' was also very interesting!

This is the current view from our front deck. Just the other side of the breakwater is the fairway through the Skärgård. There are also nice picnic tables on the breakwater, but unfortunately the weather does not invite for a meal there. Its currently 14C!

These last two pictures show the harbour, again taken from Onbekommerd. Fyrudden is a central place on the mainland between all the little islands. So the people that have summer houses on the islands come in their motor boats to the shop here to buy groceries. Its a coming and going of people which gives it a nice lively atmosphere. In addition there are the visiting boats like ourselves, although there is not that much place for that. We found that if you arrive early, there is usually place but after 3pm it can be more difficult, especially with the Swedish 'industry holidays' about to start. The country more or less shuts down for a few weeks and everyone is on their boat or in their summer house, it seems.

We enjoy Sweden more and more, especially now that we do a bit more anchoring and tying up 'in the wild'. It has a nice combination between being unspoilt and being 'civilised' at the same time. People are very laid back, a bit reserved but friendly and helpful when needed at the same time.

This is not our first trip to Sweden and will certainly not be our last one!

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