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Saturday, July 11, 2015


Harstena is an island in the outer Skärgård, where people have been living of the seal trade and fishing since the mid 1500's.
The harbour is not an official 'guest harbour' and not what is called a 'natural harbour' either. It consist of a narrow sound between two islands and it is absolutely idyllic, the most amazing place we have been so far.
It is very popular in summer, there is a daily ferry from Ärkosünd and lots of small motorboats come in during the day too. There is only place for about 15 overnight visitors. The 'year round' population is quite small, maybe 20 people or so, but there are quite a few summer houses, a bakery, a small shop and a restaurant (next to which we are tied up and which will deliver your order to your boat if you so desire).
There is also a lake, with rare red water lilies, which supposedly are only found in three places in Sweden.
All of this will be shown in a set of pictures which we will post tomorrow.

Suffice it to say we are very pleased that we made the short 10 mile trip here today. The route here is easy, but not marked with buoys so we had to navigate accurately between the islands (helped by the fact that we were not the only ones going here). If you arrive much after 11am, you have to be lucky to find a spot for the night. And as it is typically Swedish, you tie up with your bow to the wooden jetty and the stern anchor out!

By the way, if you click on the 'location' link below, you should get a Google map showing where we are!

Location:Harstena Lennquists,,Sweden

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