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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The plan today was to go to Monsterås, halfway between Figeholm and Kalmar. In the beginning, the sea was quite 'lumpy' in spite of the light wind. But later it became very comfortable and when we got to the 'turnoff' to Monsterås we looked at the weather forecast and decided that we could carry on.
As per the forecast, the wind picked up a bit to around 15 knots but as it was straight on the nose, it was easy going. We had coffee, lunch and tea on the way and tied up in Kalmar after 7 hours motoring, in time to treat ourselves to 'dinner onshore' in celebration of Lyn's birthday!
Tomorrow it looks like quite a bit more wind, so we are going to stay put.
I'll upload a few pictures from the camera to the laptop and post them on the blog tomorrow.


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