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Saturday, July 18, 2015


We spent the second night in Harstena not at the village but in "Flissfjärden", a big bay just to the North. There were at least 40 boats there, most tied to the rocks with a stern anchor out and some 'swing anchored". All Swedes apart from three Dutch boats!
As predicted the weather changed overnight, rain started and the wind swung to the South and picked up to about 25 knots. But in the bay you are well sheltered, although one of the yachts had its anchor slipping and had to get up during the night to re-lay it.
This morning we had a leisurely breakfast and after coffee the weather improved (again as predicted) and we lifted the anchor.
Two and a half hours to the South through the archipelago, we are now again anchored, this time in a nice bay called Bokö, which is at the entrance to the Valdemarsviken, the fjord that goes 10 miles inland to Valdemarsvik. It's quiet here though, the fourth boat has just come in.
We'll slowly continue the trip South tomorrow. The Internet is too slow to post pictures today, we'll do so when we get closer to 'civilisation' and the signal picks up.

Again, clicking on the 'location' below will get you to a map showing where we are!


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