This is "Onbekommerd"!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


The trip to Zoutkamp (in the province of Groningen) was uneventful but nice. It was dry and the sun came out every now and then. As we exited the lock at Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen, we saw Henk and Inge de Jong, whom we met during our Waddentrip last year. A lot of waving and later a 'phone call: they had spent a week at Schiermonnikoog and were now giong to Terschelling via Harlingen. I notice that we every now and then see the same boats as before.
As we arrived at Zoutkamp, Hans and Jet had tied up to get Diesel and had just discovered a lot of water below the floorboards of their boat. We spent most of the rest of the afternoon trying to find out where the water had come from and have located the possible source as somewhere near the bowthruster tunnel (but not the bowtruster connection itself). But the leak - if any - is very small and cannot really explain the amount of water found. A mystery so far.We cooked dinner for the 4 of us on Onbekommerd. This morning it is quite rainy and windy so we have decided to stay here for a day. The forecast for Monday is much better for the start of the trip to the German islands and now we can also monitoer 'the leak' a bit more. On Onbekommerd all is well, Lyn is doing some work and we are dry and warm!

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