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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bolsward & Joure

As planned we motored from Makkum to Bolsward on Saturday, which was only just over an hour. The weather was very nice, and consequently a lot of boats on the water, especially the last bit before Bolsward. B. is a nice Friesian 'city', with a beautiful town hall. We had a very quiet and comfortable spot in one of the towns 'grachten', the canals circling the old city. This (Sunday) morning we moved to Joure. The weather soon got overcast and at one stage we had a huge thunderstorm (but we are well sheltered inside). Now, in Joure (wich is not all that interesting), the sun has come out again although the forcast for the next few days is decidedly unsettled.
Spoke with Sean this evening, he did his "CFA 1" exam yesterday and is cautiously optimistic about that. Its difficult to say how it went, as they look at the exam afterwards and adjust the pass mark. Anyway, it was not a 'big problem', so we hold thumbs. The pass rate for this exam worldwide is usually around 30-35%, so not easy to do! Sean is now preparing to come to England to find a career, he'll most likely arrive there before we are back in London, which is a bit of a pity.
Our plan is to go to Sneek tomorrow (thats quite close, probably not more than 1 1/2 hours) for the solar panel appointment on Tuesday. Will let you know how it went!

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