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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Borkum, but alone

We are now in another country, Germany, on the island of Borkum. But unfortunately without Hans and Jet! The story goes as follows:
We (the Onbekommerd and the Waterbufvel) left Zoutkamp yesterday (Monday) morning just before 8. The wind was quite light, say around 12 knots and we got through the lock at Lauwersoog by 9h30. As planned, we stopped in the harbour there: to check on any leakage problems with Waterbufvel, to do a little bit of shopping for supplies and to wait until after 10h15 as we would otherwise be too early in the tide for our first shallow in the Waddenzee (there are called 'wantij', the explanation is quite complicated and has to do with the tide coming to a position from both sides of the island in front of it).
The problem was with the first item: there was again some water in the engine compartment of Hans and Jet's boat and a 'phone call to the mechanic came to a suggestion that it might be the seal of the prop shaft (which on that boat is water lubricated). As that is not a good thing to continue with, they wisely decided to return to the mechanic in Drachten to have the problem fixed and - after some deliiberation - we decided to continue 'on out own'. The trip over the Wadden (no less than 4 'wantijen'!) was very nice and we arrived in Borkum at 15h30, exactly as per the plan. We did have to wait a bit before one of the wantijen as there was not enough depth yet (but honesty directs me to reveal that we were also a few metres out of the channel, which is difficult to see as it is only marked on one side). Once in Borkum we took the bus to the town, which is 7 KM away and had a look around. It is quite festive and the weather was nice and sunny. We took the little nostalgic train back and had supper at the restaurant at the harbour (to try and forget that we should have been eating with Hans and Jet). Hans sent an sms explaining that the seal is not the problem but that there is a leaking cooling water hose. That was also one of our earlier thoughts, but the leak is right in the depth of the boat and difficult to see! Nevertheless, although this problem is easy to fix, we will remain on our own as they have deecided not to follow on.
Today the weather is a lot worse, with some rain although it is now clearing up, which is good as we need to go shopping by bicycle!
Will try to post some pictures later. Also the updates will not be daily from now on as internet outside Holland is a lot more expensive for us.
For those who need contact: SMS's to the Dutch number will be received without problems!

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