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Thursday, June 16, 2011


We are now in Dokkum on an extremely slow and patchy internet connection but I'll try to update anyway.
During the night we spent in Stavoren, it cleared nicely, so in the morning the sun was out. We did some shopping and I had the cable which connects the GPS to the laptop repaired at the local yacht shop cum electrical contractor. As the diesel station was right there and we needed a new gas bottle anyway, we filled up with diesel, put a new spare gas bottle in the bin and then set off for Sneek. It was a nice trip in very good weather. Gwilym and Janine took us out for dinner and in the morning I even had a haircut! Then we went past the solar panel people as during the previous afternoon the charge regulator had gone 'on the blink'. That was soon solved (according to the technician this had happened three times in 4 years, we'll see..) and we continued to Leeuwarden over a combination of lakes, small and big canals and through small villages. In Leeuwarden we easily found a place for the night. During the night it started to rain and by the time Gwilym and Janine left to take the train to Amsterdam (and from there the bus to Monnickendam to collect their car), it was raining heavily. We left Leeuwarden for Dokkum by noon when it had abated somewhat, after a while there were a few 'shirt tails' of blue sky bus as we tied up in Dokkum - which is a nice place where we have been several times before - it rained again.
Tomorrow we will meet up with Hans and Jet in Zoutkamp and plan what the best way is to start our trip to the German 'Wadden'.
News from the home front is that Sean has booked his flight to London (on 24 June). He has sold his car and can now be on his way. He has organised to be met at the airport, we will only see him a month later on 24 July when we return to London.

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