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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Solar energy

We now have 2 solar panels, which together - under ideal conditions, which you dont get in Holland - can supply us with 140 Watts of power into our batteries. That, combined with a (much) more efficient fridge, should make it possible to tie up without the electrical umbilical cord for a couple of days, the exact number being a bit dependent on the strenght of the light (it does not HAVE to be sun, but it sure helps) and the way we use or conserve power.
After the installation which took about 8 hours in all, we left Sneek only at 6.30 PM yesterday and tied up at Neie Kruzpolle (now that's Frisian for you!), an island in the Fluessen lake 2 hours later. There we had our first 'solar experience' and indeed the following morning we had a lot more electrons in the batteries than has been the norm so far. The new fridge cannot work on gas anymore and that is also a safety advantage.
This morning we were already under way at 8.30 and one bridge, two locks and 6 hours motoring (of which most on a sometimes rather 'lumpy' IJsselmeer), we are back in Monnickendam. Now it is nice and sunny, but we have the shorepower on a the lasagna is cooking in the electric oven and that would require way too many solar panels.
We'll be here for some time, with my 60th birthday dinner on Saturday as the main focus. But in the meantime we have washing to do, the boat needs some varnish and I'll try to put some new pictures into the slideshow on the blog.
Busy busy..........

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