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Saturday, September 21, 2013

A few facts and figures to end with

We have had a fantastic 'voyage' on Onbekommerd this year. Varied too!

We started in the early and cold spring in the Netherlands, did a trip to Vlieland and Terschelling. Then we spent two weeks in Friesland and North West Overijssel in convoy with 'Amber'.

After that we started on the main 'adventure' and on 1 June we were in the Baltic. By then the weather had started to improve remarkably after a very cold and wet spring and we made rapid progress North along the danish east coast. We arrived in Gothenburg on 18 June and entered the Göta Canal at Sjötorp on 29 June. On 15 July we left the Canal and on 21 July we arrived in Stockholm, the Northernmost point of the year. From there the 'way back' started, we moved quietly South along the Swedish east coast. On 20 August we left Sweden (in Gislövs Lage) and spent a week in Denmark, arriving back in Laboe, Germany on 28 August. From there the weather started to deteriorate a bit and the way back through Germany took until 11 September when we were back in Delfzijl.

From there we took the shortest route to Franeker, but taking it easy time wise.

Everything is on the blog, you can read back if you want to!

Some figures:

We spent 163 days on board. In this time, we covered 2206 nmiles, which is 4085KM. To do that, the engine ran for 439 hours, using 1731l of diesel.

Our most Western point was Vlieland at 5 degrees, 05.30 minutes East. Most South was on the way to Giethoorn (52d, 41.62m). Northernmost was Stockholm (59d, 20.13m), Easternmost near Dalarö (18d, 29.92m).

Onbekommerd is safely tucked away for the winter now. We'll be back next year, some time in April all going well. Where will we go? No fixed plan yet, more than likely "North" again.

Thank you all for looking at and reading the blog. We get around 1000 hits per month, which we think is quite a lot. We enjoy writing it, hope you enjoy reading.

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