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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Appingedam and Appie

After we left the yacht harbour in Delfzijl we had rather a unique lock experience. I had called the lock keeper on the VHF to ask to be locked 'inward' and he confirmed that there was a boat just coming out of the 'small lock' (there is also a 'big lock' in Delfzijl) and we could go straight in on arrival.
So we did. Lyn was just getting the back line onto the mooring post, the lock door behind us not even having been closed, when the door in front of us already opened. We had gotten to the lock just at the time when the tide 'outside' the lock was exactly the same as the fixed water level 'inside', i.e. inland. This obviously happens (on tidal water) 4 times every 24 hours for a very short time, but it was a first for us!

It was only a 6 mile trip to Appingedam, which is a small but pretty town, boasting the biggest 'Albert Heyn' supermarket 'in the North' (whatever that may mean). The short for 'Albert Heyn', a supermarket chain, is 'Appie', hence the title of the post.
Although we thoroughly enjoyed our Baltic trip (and plan to go back there next year), its good to be 'home' at this stage too, speaking the language and knowing 'how everything works'.

On our way back to Franeker - where Onbekommerd will experience a well deserved hibernation and some TLC - we'll stop for two days in a few places.
I'll try to post something daily, but hopefully not too much excitement!

Location:Stadshaven,Appingedam,The Netherlands

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