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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


If you try to find 'Headammen' on a map, you might struggle. It's not really a 'place', it is where a bridge crosses the 'Headamsleat', a canal leading south from Earnewâld (or Eernewoude in Dutch rather than Frisian). So why are we here? Well, its where good friends of ours have a summer cottage. We try to visit them at the start and at the end of our annual Onbekommerd trip, to talk about old times (I have known them for some 40-odd years) and also about our adventures on the water. They own a boat called 'Waterbufvel' and we have in the past done some trips in convoy.
This is what Onbekommerd looks like from their house:

Tomorrow, we'll set off for the last 'leg' of this year's trip, back to Franeker, just under 20 miles.

Location:Smallingerland,The Netherlands

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