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Monday, April 14, 2014

Almost back on Onbekommerd

As we are on our way back to Onbekommerd (we plan to board her tomorrow afternoon), I thought it would be a good idea to kick off the blog. Mostly to see if everything still 'works' (I use the 'Blogpress' app on the iPad and sometimes app updates cause strange problems), but at the same time to give a very short update on the past six months.

Lyn was very busy whilst we were in Cape Town, the practise ( was busy from the moment we got back in October until we left last week. And on top of that, there was training and therapist support for Eureka Learning Systems ( My own input was mainly to do the administrative work so that Lyn could concentrate on the essentials. Greg was very busy with the Brother Bees honey business and I assisted a bit with some process engineering issues as well as the paperwork required to put together the systems for a food business. So no, we were not bored in Cape Town!
For weekend relaxation (and to keep fit) we joined the Peninsula Ramblers, a hiking group that operates mainly in the mountains around Cape Town. Here are a few pictures we have taken on our hikes:

On Tuesday last week we left Cape Town to 'follow the sun' and we are currently in Kew, South West London. We spent some time with Sean (and his girlfriend Nikola) here. Also did the 'pilgrimage' to Lyn's favourite sheet music store, Chappel's of Bond Street (which is not in Bond Street but in Soho), had a nice two days visiting Lyn's cousin Dave and his wife Jenny and Dave's parents. Today we took a walk through some of the London parks showing the last of the nice flower displays (with spring being early after a very mild winter, these are already 'on their way out')

Tomorrow morning we fly to Amsterdam and take the train to Franeker where Onbekommerd will be waiting for us. So if all works out (and we manage to get data loaded on the Dutch iPad SIM, tomorrow's post will be from afloat!

Location:Leyborne Park,Richmond,United Kingdom

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