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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

I am writing this blogpost on Saturday evening and as tomorrow is Easter Sunday, we wish all our readers / followers a happy Easter!

It was a relatively eventful day, today. It started when we noticed that the rescue boar had left the harbour. A look on Twitter (I follow the KNRM, the rescue service) showed that there was a big operation under way with up to 10 rescue craft plus helicopters and fixed wing 'planes to look for a crew member of a fishing boat who was missing when the boat got into the harbour. As there was a 3 hour period in which he could have fallen overboard, the search area was massive. I followed the movements on the AIS. After a few hours, the search was called off: with water temperatures of about 8C plus the fact that the man had not been wearing a life jacket, there was no chance that he could have survived. A sad occasion indeed!

We went shopping for our Easter meals, the shops were busy especially the bakery as the Easter breakfast / brunch is an important meal here. Here is the inside of the shop and one of the decorations:

After lunch we went for a good walk through the forest and the dunes. Of course you also see the sea every now and then. If you look carefully you can see a square rigger approaching from the sea in this picture.

The last few days the harbour has been pretty quiet with maybe 15 boats. But just before supper it looked like this:

Not quite full, but getting there. It is still quite windy (the neighbours say they measured a gust of 32 knots) which may have put some people off. Although the wind is quite chilly, it's nice out in the sun.

Location:Havenweg,Vlieland,The Netherlands

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