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Monday, July 11, 2011


The plan was to get up early this morning to get ahead of the 'crowd' of boats that we expected to go through the remaining locks to Meppel. The geting up early succeeded, but we had a bit of a delay due to some confusion with the instrumentation. A few minutes after we left, the motor temperature showed high and the oil pressure low. We immediately stopped and waited a bit to let the engine cooll down and tried again. No problem, everything fine... During the next hour or so, we deduced that there is an instrumentation glitch: as soon as you swith the navigation lights on (which we had, as it was very misty early on), the oil pressure shows (a bit) low and the motor temperature (a bit) high. As we had switched the nav lights off during the engine cooling delay, we at first did not understand what was wrong, but the problem is perfectly repeatable. So I need to check out the wiring when I get a chance. As we very very seldom use the nav lights, its no big deal at the moment.
In the end, there was not a lot of traffic and after 4 locks and a few bridges we tied up in Meppel which seems a nice place. We'll stay here tomorrow and get the bikes out as the surroundings are very pretty and suitable for cycling.

The promised pictures:

In a very quiet 'passantenhaven' in Assen

Saskia and Harrie came for dinner

Some of the locks on the Drenthse Hoofdvaart are manually operated

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