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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maintenance day

Hurray! The weather was a lot better the last two days, so we got an opportunity to do some essential maintenance. Firstly we filled the tank with almost 300l of diesel yesterday. That was after 6 weeks of heavy cruising and itb was less than expected.
Today, I sanded and varnished the wood around the teak decks as well as the back handrail. It still needs an extra coat Maybe even two) but it already looks a lot beter. After that it was bilge-cleaning time, so that is also spick-and-span now. Lyn polished the wood inside the main cabin.
Still quite a bit to do but with a few more nice days we'll get there. Otherwise, if there is a lot left I'll come back here mid August. If it is a small amount, I'll do it at the end of September when the boat goes back to winter storage.

We spoke with the boys on Skype on Monday (and again with Sean today) and they seem to be doing well. Sean had a meeting with a Lord about investment job opportunities and got some very valuable advice (and possible further contacts) and also was shown round the Houses of Parliament by this Lord. He also has a job interview tomorrow, so life is exciting for him in London!

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