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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back in Monnickendam

Yesterday we stayed in Baarn and got the opportunity to see family and friends in the area.
Firs we cycled to Soest, to see my uncle and aunt, Hans and Phlip. It was very nice to see them, especially as Lyn had never met Phlip. They were cheeful and optimistic, which is good when you are 92 and 87 respectively with the problems which come with old age. We had a good few hours of animated talk about the Thijsse family but also about curent events. Both Hans and Phlip are very alert at that age!
Then we also saw Hans and Jet for lunch and exchenged stories about our respective trips. After they had the problem with the 'Waterbufvel' in Zoutkamp, they had the boat fixed quickly and took a trip on the inland waters in Groningen and the West of Germany.
And in the evening we had Hoyte and Carien for coffee and a glass of wine and again had a cheerful chat, so all in all it was a good day for socialising!
This morning (Sunday), we left aropund 10am (after leaving an envelop with the harbour fees in the yacht club postbox as there was no harbour master) and set course down the river Eem, along the Eemmeer, Gooimeer, IJmeer and Markermeer to Monnickendam. By the time wegot into the Gouwzee, the weather got quite bad and we abandoned our plan to stop in Volendam for diesel and went straight to our box in Marina Monnickendam. Home after about 6 weeks. We'll get the diesel later this week, hopefully we'll get a long enough dry spell to go to Volendam and fill up, filling up when it is raining is not good practise as the tank must start as dry as humanly possible. I just read that the past three days there has been more rain than in a normal month of July!
We'll basically stay here until next week when we'll fly back to London. So only blog updates if someting interesting presents itself!

Uncle and nephew

Aunt and nephew!

As we approached the Gouwzee, there was a big storm brewing!

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