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Monday, July 25, 2011

Back in London - Sean's news!

We are back in London. On Thursday last week, after some more varnishing, we treated ourselves to a quick visit to Amsterdam. After that the weather got worde again, fortunately a lot of the most pressing maintenance work was done (not all of it, there is always work to do on a boat).
The Saturday and Sunday saw increasingly bad weather, rain, cold and windy. We were wondering whether it was 24 July or 24 October when we closed up the boat and walked to the bus stop. For us not that big a deal: we had nine wonderful weeks on the boat, but if you have 2 weeks leave, spent a lot of money on renting a boat and then this weather.... that's 'not fair'. We did remark that, if given the 'Schengen days', we would have loved to stay and go South into Belgium and France. But we'll leave that for another year. I am going back later, probably late September, to 'put the boat to sleep' for the winter (and do or make arrangements for some more work, like anti-fouling).
The trip back to London was uneventful and it was nice to see the clouds disappear when we were crossing the North Sea and by the time we got out of the airport it was 24 degrees instead of 14 and sunny instead of rain!
We quickly contacted Sean and he met us in Richmond  for supper and then  spent the night with us. The really big news is that he has got a job! On Wednesday he starts at Pallinghurst, an investment company specialised in mining activities. They are in the centre of London, off Piccadilly. It seems to be a 4 month probationary contract, we'll learn more when we see him again on Wednesday evening, so we'll report back then. In the meantime, he is buying more shirts and an extra suit as that is the expecyed business wear here. Here is a picture of Lyn and Sean in front of 12 The Avenue, our current abode!

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