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Friday, July 15, 2011

Elburg - Somewhere near Baarn

During our stay in Zwolle, the weather was really quite bad, rainy and cold. So we did not have a chance to look around properly, but from what we saw, Zwolle seems quite nice!
The following day, Thursday,  we moved to Elburg, again in wet and cool weather. The papers here talk about 'autumn weather' and I guess that's quite correct. From our contact with Greg its a lot better in Cape Town and it is mid-winter there! Not to worry, inside the boat it is comfortable (although we had the heater on in Zwolle). Elburg is nice, we had visited it a few years ago with a boat we chartered. A well preserved old fortified town. As the holidat season has started, it is getting more difficult to get nice places in the more popular towns and you need to get in early. We arrived in Elburg at around 2h30 and got one of the last places before having to 'double up'. Imagine in 2 weeks time when all the schools are off (now only in 2 of the 3 parts that the country is divided in for school holiday purposes) and especially if the weather improves!
We left Elburg earlyish this (Friday) morning and went up the little river 'Eem' as far as a place just before Baarn. The weather has presented a nice day, sunny from about midday, so that gave us an opportunity to get the boat dry. Tomorrow we'll cycle to Soest to visit my uncle Hans and aunt Phlip, we have arranged to go for coffee there. After that, on Sunday or maybe Monday its back to Monnickendam.

As Elburg is an old fishing town, you can get fresh smoked eel there!

No idea what bird this is.

Lots of birds on the 'Veluwemeer', we went straigh through a flock which had settled on the water!

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