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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend report

I am sorry, this blog entry will again be without photos. We have some on Lyn's phone, but the logistics of getting those to my laptop are a bit to much right now.
Yesterday, we walked with member of the Central London Outdoor Group (called CLOG, which suits our 'Dutchness' quite well!) in the Chiltern Hills, about an hour bt train from St Pancras station. It was a nice 10 mile walk though rolling hills with one steep climb (but that was mostly steps). There was a stop for a pub lunch in a little village called Polloxhill. The weather was nice, quite sunny but not too hot and it was a nice experience overall: we'll be doing this more. The 'cloggies' have walks every weekend, so plenty of opportunity.
Today we had lunch with Sean in Greenwich. He has a busy life: went to the Arsenal-Bolton football match yesterday (invited by his boss). Has tickets for Red Hot Chilli Peppers AND for Bob Dylan in November. Has a breakfast with Bloomberg and a lunch with Investec in October. And was told that he is certain of a permanent position when his 4 month contract expires. So all in all, he is doing well, is enjoying London and is a happy chappy at the moment!
As reported earlier, Gwilym and I are off to Onbekommerd tomorrow. Lyn and Janine stay behind. I'll try to update the blog from the boat in the next few days.

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