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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Sorry we have not communicated a lot lately. Life is just proceeding and there was not a lot of excitement to report, except that we received Lyn's 'residence card', which means that she can stay here for 5 years, travel in and out without visa, all assuming she retains the status of EU spouse (but that's no problem!). We hope to also hear more about the progress of the naturalisation in the next few months and after that has been completed, the UK residency becomes a non-issue (i.e. we will both have it automatically as EU citizens, assuming we need it).
Anyway, this weekend we were invited by Severine (Gwilym and Janine's daugher) and Hamish (her partner) to come to the Bursledon regatta (see: They live in Titchfield, in a wonderfully restored old house. Titchfield is a 15 minute drive from Bursledon, which is on the river Hamble, which runs into the Southampton water, which in turn runs into the Solent, the water seperating the English mainland from the Isle of Wight. The 'regatta' consisted of may events, ranging from swimming and rowing to sailing dingies as well as big yachts, there was a 'parade' of boats dressed in Venetian style (the theme of this year's event), which promptly ended in a water fight and a very nice fireworks in the evening. All in all we had a wonderful weekend in this part of the country of which we had heard a lot but where we had neven been. The area is jusifiably famous for the amount of sailing that takes place and when seeing the amount of yachts moored in the river Hamble, Sean remarked that he could live there.
Here are a few pictures:

Many yachts ar moored in the river!

There is also a lot of history here, including old shipwrecks!

At the boatyard

Venetian theme!

Lyn and Sean watching the proceedings

There are also some very nice properties along the river!

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