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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Busy weekend!

We had quite a bit to do, this weekend!
On Saturday morning, we arranged to have coffee with Rachel (Lyn's niece) and her husband (of 4 months) Mathew. Rachel and Mathew moved to England in July, Mathew has a job in the IT field in Cambridge and Rachel has just started her own massage practise there as well. We met them in the Natural History museum, which is one of our favorites in London and after spending some time chatting in the coffee shop we looked at some of the displays.  It was very nice to see them (we missed their wedding as we were already in Europe and had not yet had an opportunity to see them here). They are setting out in their new life and are full of confidence and happy to tackle anything that will come their way. We are sure they'll make it work and make it work well!

Rachel and Mathew

On Sunday, we aranged to meet our Cape Town friends John and Cynthia, as well as their son John and his partner Jane for lunch. John Jr and Jane live and work in London (John also went to University here) and father and son did a trans-alp mountainbiking tour together with a group of Capetonians. By all accounts it was quite a hectic event, so I guess a quiet lunch (on 'The Boat' restaurant at the Richmond waterfront) was called for. In spite of the rather dire predictions, the weather was very good so we sat outside on the top deck:

For the rest, not all that much to report. We had Sean for dinner on Thursday after he had been for a haircut here in Richmond. Tomorrow Lyn has an appointment with a company called EdPsych who 'supply' private Educational Psychologists to schools and individuals. It seems that this might be an ideal work opportunity as it would give us the flexibility we like for our future 'Onbekommerdness'. There are some administrative hurdles to pass before this can come to fruition, but we'll start by having that conversation with them tomorrow. As always: we'll keep you informed!

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