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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.... and a bit more playing tourist

It never ceases to amaze us how much paperwork we need to do what we set out to do!
Yesterday, we got a 'phone call from the Dutch embassy to say that they need a UK Police clearance for Lyn (in addition to the South African one they already have). No problem I say, we'll get one. On to the internet to download the forms. What do we need? Proof of address (not unreasonable), a bank statement would do fine... Lyn does not have a bank account here, because back in April when we were in 'bank account mode' she could not get one as she did not have a residency permit for 12 months or more. OK, so lets get a bank account opened now, after all, she has a 5 year residence card now. To the bank. For this type of acount, you need a passport with min 12 months residency AND a proof of South African address (its a special account for people with no 'UK History'). BUT, the proof of address must be less than 3 months old and all our stuff is from March, when we left RSA. So now we need to get a recent bank statement from Cape Town (with an address on it, so an Internet banking statement wont do). Then back to the bank, open an account, wait for the first statement. Send that off for the police clearance. Wait up to 40 days for it. Take the police clearance to the Embassy...... Slowly drives us mad.

On a more pleasant note, we spent yesterday afternoon with John and Cynthia on the South Bank and had a nice walk and a pub lunch. They are off home to Cape Town tonight. I had some requests for London landmark pictures, so here is quintessential London:

Tower bridge

And some more pictures of the afternoon:

Southwark Cathedral

A quiet moment inside the cathedral

The covered 'Burrough market' on the South Bank, lots of local and exotic fresh food!

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