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Friday, October 7, 2011

Maintenance almost done

Again a quick update, but with a few pics this time.
By now we have repaired the rusty spots under the 'kabelaring' (see previous post for definition), have applied new antifouling (sounds simple, but as it starts with 'wiping the hull down with thinners' its not a pleasant job!), have replaced the kabelaring (this just fits, so a lot of tugging and pulling on a very thick and heavy rope!) and have done a few other paint repair jobs. I also polished the hull today, it looks nice and shiny.
Tomorrow we'll replace the 'leguaan' (the 'knitted rope bit' on the front of the boat) and disconnect the batteries for the winter. Its quite cold, wet and windy here in Alkmaar now so I am very happy that 'Onbekommerd' is nicely dry in the hall. Here are a few pictures of the last few days. No camera today, so I cant show the shiny boat. Will take a few pics tomorrow and post when I am back in London.

Removing rust spots on the kabelaring support rail.

Applying antifouling.

Ed (Onbekommerd's previous owner and now a good friend) was a great help with advice but also doing some of the work himself!

Antifouling done. That's the 'leguaan' lying in the front!

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