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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brother Bees

Whilst we are in London, Greg and his business partner Mick are extremely busy getting their honey venture off the ground in Cape Town. Initially, they were only going to keep bees and harvest and sell the honey, but in the meantime they are also importing honey and have just ordered their first containers. Like everything Greg does, it is done properly and in this case on rather a grand scale!
As far as the local production is concerned, they have just set up the first hives in the canola fields (that is the first flower to blossom in the spring) and their 10's of thousands of 'employees' are hopefully hard at work. Its quite an operation to take hundreds of hives to a field and then a few weeks later harvest the honey (remove the combs, centrifuge them to remove the honey and whatever other steps there are like settling and bottling) and then moving all these hives to a different location as the flowers there blossom at a different time.
They got their first bit of honey a week ago, very little as the bees had just been positioned in the fields. The following three pictures show what it looks like:

The truck with hives arrives at the farm

The hives at the Canola field

The first harvest!

We'll keep you updated on this business too!

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