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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Strategy? What strategy?

Soon after I posted yesterday's blog, we looked again at tides and weather. Now, I did not mention yesterday that there is an additional tidal complication: the difference between spring tides and neap tides. Around 2 days after full or new moon, the tidal difference is significantly more than in between (at what is called first quarter and last quarter). This means that at springs, the high tide is higher and the low tide lower than average. At the moment, it is close to neaps, springs was a few days back. The shallow watershed ('wantij' in Dutch) south of the island of Baltrum cannot be navigated (by us) at high tide when it is neaps. So our choice was yesterday: leave Spiekeroog, pass Langeoog, go over the Baltrum watershed on the last possible day, spend a day at Baltrum, go to Norderney and sit there in strong winds for a couple of days before going to Borkum ( the harbour of the island of Juist in between is silted up too much). We don't particularly like either Northerney or Borkum, so that did not seem a good idea. Or we could just sit in Langeoog and wait for springtide and hope that by then the weather is good. Or.... go back to Wilhemshaven (via Wangerooge) and take the easy option, going through the Ems - Jade kanal to Emden. We chose the latter and are now on Wangerooge, will take the late tide to go through the 'Telegrafenbalje', the watershed south of Wangerooge, to the Jade and on to Wilhelmshaven. We'll get there after 9 tonight and look forward to meet friends from Franeker there!

So here are a few unexpected pictures from Wangerooge:

Location:Am Leuchtturm,Wangerooge,Germany

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