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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dinghy and Marrekrite

Yesterday we finally managed to find a suitable replacement for the old rubber dinghy of which the bottom came loose in Sweden. We had quite a specification for it: inflatable bottom and keel, about 2.3 m long and possible to stow (in its uninflated state) under the berths in the front cabin or otherwise at least under the cockpit hatch. Well, under the berths is not going to work, but the new dinghy fits under the hatch. And we got an end of season discount of 25% too!

We are in our last week on board for this year and currently tied up at a Marrekrite place in the Princenhof near Eernewoude. That gave us a good opportunity to inflate and test the dinghy, both using the oars and the electric outboard motor. We are very pleased with it!

Just before tea, a deer appeared in the field a bit away from the boat. That's how rural this spot is!

Tomorrow we go to Eernewoude to use the washing machines there. Then on Thursday to Franeker. And finally on Friday we hand Onbekommerd over to the boatyard for the winter maintenance and storage.

Location:Boarnsterhim,The Netherlands

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